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had probably one of the worst interviews in the history of interviews. Since this guy is apparently from the Australian Bel Air I will use a metaphor related to Bel air. Imagine Will Smith jumping into the cab telling the cabbie to take him to Bel Air and a few moments later this is what happens:

bastard of bel air

Then  after that they bury Will Smith and cancel the show in an abrupt and tragic ending . Yeah that is basically how this interview went. You’ll get to hear the worst of the bastard of Bel air, otherwise known as jimbo (That guy you couldn’t understand on VNN) . I’ll keep the nasty “surprise” for you to discover, but just listen… just listen and die a little inside.

On top of this another horrible thing has happened, we have been told that the greatest Irish man of this generation, our good friend Robert Bananas in fact died .

R.I.P. Robert Bananas

R.I.P. Robert Bananas

Edit: When an associate of our’s attempted to enlighten the remaining sane people on VNN of what happened , a loser ,one whom  we have discussed before, not only ruined the thread (and thus the memory of Bobby) but also smeared our site by making up lies about us. We haven’t ever outed  anyone who hadn’t already revealed his or her info publicly. This lying sack of shit goes by the fake name varg.  Funny how Swindler derides such behavior but turns a blind eye when his “good buddy” does it.

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