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Here’s a great post featuring our good buddy, Tony. This time he’s repairing his laptop and is pissed.


~ Tony

Wannabe Computer Wizard, Varg, chimes in too, adding to the retardation.

Yea the fan / heatsink get covered in dust. A good dose of compressed air helps. Thats what was probably causing the problem. Did you get arctic silver ?

dont worry about screws.. lol i’ve lost like 15 in my laptop. as long as it closes tight.

The most annoying part is taking the laptop apart (especially if you are using a hand screwdriver).. an electric drill is a must

stripping the screws also sucks

~ Varg


Then God sent someone down to stop this madness.

You don’t know what you are talking about. Work on your reading comprehension. I have lubed over a hundred fans. Bearings do not wear out.

~ Donald E. Pauly (The Truth)

This pissed off Tony and made him posts pics for proof, (or lack there of.)

Ok, dumbass. Where would you put the lub on this fan? This is the fan I replaced in my laptop.

~ Tony

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