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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hey folks, I’m back after taking some personal time. The breaking of our studio’s table really took a toll on myself and Mike.
On Show #5, Jungle…Creatures!, Karl and Mike discussed the Knoxville Rally. I thought I would help out… Continue reading

Karl and Jahn discuss the disgrace that is Linder’s Knoxville speech.



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Here’s what we are talking about by the way, watch at your own risk:

Linder’s knoxville speech

Today, myself, Mike Jahn, and all our friends of the show join in wishing our producer, Karl Von Clausewitz a happy birthday. May you have many more.

P.S. Karl, great work on the new table, it’s like Jimbo was never on.


Recently Robert Bandanza made it known that he was in fact alive and well. It naturally didn’t take very long for Varg to chime in with his usual “Sherlock Holmes” inquiries. In an attempt to solve the case, save the… Continue reading

Recently, Johnny James on VNN made a thread titled “How do you pick up a Jewish woman?” now this was meant originally as a joke, but several tards of the VNN community took the matter rather seriously. For instance, expert… Continue reading

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