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Recently, Johnny James on VNN made a thread titled “How do you pick up a Jewish woman?” now this was meant originally as a joke, but several tards of the VNN community took the matter rather seriously. For instance, expert race mixer Mark Faust chimed in with his advice on race mixing :

Same way you pick up any non white…….

Be a white man.

Non white women aren’t much different than the males….. They know that fucking a white man is an “upgrade” from other races. – Mark Faust

No sooner did Kievsky enter, to tell us all of his experiences with a Jewish woman he had slept with :

I knew a jewess who preyed on guys in their late teens, early 20’s, who had little sexual experience. I know, I was one of them

He continues…

crawling on her floor, I invented a story about a grandfather in the Luftwaffe, who taught my father how to fly, and lived in South America. Wow, it worked! Got laid right there, no joke!

No joke people, he really did get laid by the Jewess. But this isn’t all, oh no…Kievsky tells us even of how he stalked this Jewish woman from the wee hours of the mornin’ :

I used to get up at 4am in Connecticut, and drive to Boston and watch her apartment to see if she was cheating on me. – Kievsky

Realizing that of course it would sound a tad absurd for him to stalk a Jewish woman in desperation for “affection” he edited his post promptly to spare himself the crucifixion.

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