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About three years ago I had a jew come to me and tell me that he had a photography job for me. He alleged that the district attorney was carrying on a affair and that he wanted me to take pictures of the DA entering and leaving the alleged mistress home in the early morning hours.

He then went on to say that “we” could offer to sell them to the DA and if he wasn’t interested then send them to his wife. You can imagine my reaction when I heard this asshole’s proposition.

I immediately and loudly told him that what he suggested amounted to extortion and that he would be put under the prison for such a thing. Especially trying to extort a DA. He acted as though this had never crossed his mind. I told him I would take no part in such activities and left the restaurant we were in at that time.

I can’t help but believe he may have been wired but don’t have any proof of it. He almost certainly was since no one could be that stupid. ~ Tony


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