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Monthly Archives: April 2010

A few days ago, I browsed through VNN and stumbled upon Miller’s Political goals. Now there are several problems with this platform, but what’s more concerning is the fact that Glenn seems to be in serious denial about what being a Senator actually means. I’ve made the decision early on to review Miller’s Political Goals and see whether or not these goals are sound and most importantly within reason. So without further or due lets begin.

Miller’s Political goals starts with the following opening statement:

When elected, I’ll sit down with White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian representatives, and with reasonable minority civil rights leaders, and negotiate with them, free from jewish interference.

In one sense, Miller is suggesting that minorities are capable of self thought and negotiating (reasonably) on a settlement favoring pro-White tendencies. Yet on the other hand he’s stating that Jewish interference in these negotiations will not be tolerated on the grounds that they “control” or “influence” the non-Whites into supporting anti-White tendencies negating any suggestion that they are capable of independent thinking. If they are easily influenced and misdirected, they wouldn’t be able to provide any proper basis upon which to negotiate any settlement on any issue that involves pro-White issues.

Secondly, I find it humorous that he’s bidding for the support of non-Whites in his campaign, giving the appearance of a tolerant man yet he on several occasions used damning words to describe these people. He on more than one occasion referred to Obama as a “nappy headed” coon, nigger and what have you.

And I’ll say this to them:

“All I want is the “13 words” – To secure the existance of my people, and a future for White children. And in order to achieve the 13 words, I’m asking for your support in implimenting certain federal actions I will initiate in the US Senate and before the American people. In exchange for your support, I will fully support your own agendas to improve the lives of your own peoples, including of course, ending the mass murders of millions of black and brown peoples in jew wars against Islam, and preventing American and Israeli nuclear anniliations of Muslim countries and the deaths of countless millions of black and brown muslim peoples. Insane attacks that will most assuredly be avenged against the American people, as the Israelis and international jewry so desperately crave”

Firstly we must ask….”13 words”? What could possibly possess Glenn Miller to make the 14 words the “13 words”? This fake Hitler, in his last bid for fame and recognition decided to follow the principle of David Lane, whom cut down a paragraph of Mein Kampf to a mere 14 words, and became “famous” in racial circles for it. It’s simply pathetic.

Furthermore, why would Miller be so foolish as to think that his Senate seat could accomplish anything of that nature at all? Or for that matter that he would be able to convert Democrats and Republican Senators to White Nationalist Senators? There is no financial incentive to do so, and while it may sound honorable to say that money is of no consequence when it concerns your race….to the majority of Senators, that simply doesn’t apply.

That you suggest as you do, in your opening statement, that promotion of self interest is done exclusively from external interference (by Jews) is just ridiculous. All racial groups regardless of external influence, immediately (and by default) support and promote policies and actions which directly effect their lives. That is why multiracial societies have such a detrimental effect on the folk, whether this folk be White, Black, Asian what have you the injury remains the same. As long as there are more than one racial group, the one will suffer the consequences of policies directed at favoring the other. Your promise to assist in the promotion of these interests is just exacerbating the problem, Miller not resolving it.
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