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A few days ago, I browsed through VNN and stumbled upon Miller’s Political goals. Now there are several problems with this platform, but what’s more concerning is the fact that Glenn seems to be in serious denial about what being a Senator actually means. I’ve made the decision early on to review Miller’s Political Goals and see whether or not these goals are sound and most importantly within reason. So without further or due lets begin.

Miller’s Political goals starts with the following opening statement:

When elected, I’ll sit down with White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian representatives, and with reasonable minority civil rights leaders, and negotiate with them, free from jewish interference.

In one sense, Miller is suggesting that minorities are capable of self thought and negotiating (reasonably) on a settlement favoring pro-White tendencies. Yet on the other hand he’s stating that Jewish interference in these negotiations will not be tolerated on the grounds that they “control” or “influence” the non-Whites into supporting anti-White tendencies negating any suggestion that they are capable of independent thinking. If they are easily influenced and misdirected, they wouldn’t be able to provide any proper basis upon which to negotiate any settlement on any issue that involves pro-White issues.

Secondly, I find it humorous that he’s bidding for the support of non-Whites in his campaign, giving the appearance of a tolerant man yet he on several occasions used damning words to describe these people. He on more than one occasion referred to Obama as a “nappy headed” coon, nigger and what have you.

And I’ll say this to them:

“All I want is the “13 words” – To secure the existance of my people, and a future for White children. And in order to achieve the 13 words, I’m asking for your support in implimenting certain federal actions I will initiate in the US Senate and before the American people. In exchange for your support, I will fully support your own agendas to improve the lives of your own peoples, including of course, ending the mass murders of millions of black and brown peoples in jew wars against Islam, and preventing American and Israeli nuclear anniliations of Muslim countries and the deaths of countless millions of black and brown muslim peoples. Insane attacks that will most assuredly be avenged against the American people, as the Israelis and international jewry so desperately crave”

Firstly we must ask….”13 words”? What could possibly possess Glenn Miller to make the 14 words the “13 words”? This fake Hitler, in his last bid for fame and recognition decided to follow the principle of David Lane, whom cut down a paragraph of Mein Kampf to a mere 14 words, and became “famous” in racial circles for it. It’s simply pathetic.

Furthermore, why would Miller be so foolish as to think that his Senate seat could accomplish anything of that nature at all? Or for that matter that he would be able to convert Democrats and Republican Senators to White Nationalist Senators? There is no financial incentive to do so, and while it may sound honorable to say that money is of no consequence when it concerns your race….to the majority of Senators, that simply doesn’t apply.

That you suggest as you do, in your opening statement, that promotion of self interest is done exclusively from external interference (by Jews) is just ridiculous. All racial groups regardless of external influence, immediately (and by default) support and promote policies and actions which directly effect their lives. That is why multiracial societies have such a detrimental effect on the folk, whether this folk be White, Black, Asian what have you the injury remains the same. As long as there are more than one racial group, the one will suffer the consequences of policies directed at favoring the other. Your promise to assist in the promotion of these interests is just exacerbating the problem, Miller not resolving it.

Lastly, your promise to the non-Whites that you will assist in preventing the deaths of non-Whites for the sake of Israel, and preventing Israel from annihilating the Muslim populations with their nuclear arsenal, is just another in a long list of contradicting statements with two separate goals that cannot co-exist with each other. You offer the promise of peace (ending the senseless bloodshed) then turn around and offer further international interference into the comings and goings of foreign nations provoking and increasing international condemnation of US actions.

1) To bring American troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from dozens of other countries, and to station at least 250,000 on our southern border to stop the invasion from South America, in compliance with Article 4 Section 4 of the US Constitution which states: “The federal government shall protect each state from invasion.”

Such a cliche’ every politician since the start of the American rise to power promised the people the “withdrawal” of troops at one point or another. That’s what they all do, they promise the withdrawal from region X, then start conditioning the people on another target (region Y), the withdrawal of troops are purely for the purposes of focusing their attention on another enemy. In Miller’s case : Israel. It has been the consistent target of its misdirected attacks, which quite frankly I find astonishing. The reason I state that his attacks against Israel is misdirected, is purely because his logic is that of the destruction of Israel and the resettlement of the Jews to Madagascar. Instead of targeting US support for Israel and withdrawing from that region entirely leaving it to resolve the matter of its own accord. The Jewish people have an established country as it is, when it perceives that there is an attempt (as Miller will have it) to do away with this established nation it will revolt as any organism does to survive. Miller just wants to substitute one war for another, instead of simply just cutting off the supply chain which provides Israel with a constant stream of armaments which it uses to suppress the people of Palestine.

3) To provide each family of illegal aliens with a lump sum payment of $2,500.00 each, and free transportation back to their native countries, implimented in a slow, peaceful, well organized manner over period of 3-5 years.

This if anything demonstrates how poorly Glenn Miller thought his Political Goals through. The standard of living in European countries are much higher than they are in third world nations. Illegal Aliens go to America for a reason, they will not be prepared to accept 2,500 dollars to go back home. That simply will not happen, and for him to think it plausible speaks poorly for his intellect. No illegal Alien would be prepared under any circumstances to go back home, there is no peaceful manner with which to resolve it.

4) To establish Affirmative Action Laws for White Americans that will provide large financial incentives in exchange for producing White children. And implimented until the White birthrate reaches replacement level which is 2.2 children per family and up from the present genocidal level of 1.4, or becomes equal to the birthrates of non-white Americans.

This one is my favorite and rightly so! Glenn Miller fails to understand the nature of Affirmative Action, it is a policy that takes race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and physical attributes into consideration in the interest of promoting equal opportunity. Glenn Miller seems to be suggesting that White Americans will have equal opportunity access to White females and White Males in the interest of rearing White children. I.e. He has no fundamental objection to inter-racial relations, but wants to ensure that Whites have equal opportunity to individuals of their own race. The method with which he wants to promote this equal opportunity for breeding, I do have a fundamental problem with, as in principle its a perversion of one of the NSDAP’s social policies, albeit that financial incentive was geared toward goals and not simply handed to them as a prize for making babies. I.e. The NSDAP gave loans to newly wedded couples to ease them into establishing a home, the debt of which was written off one quarter per child (eventually no debt was to be replayed if four children are had) the logic behind the NSDAP’s method was correct, behind Miller’s on the other hand? Purely materialistic and assumes that our folk are whores willing to be payed for frequent protection-less sex.

5) To bring about a federal proclamation of a White History Month, that will include the mandatory teaching of true White history, using books and other media produced by proven White patriots, in schools and universities, nationwide.

Another in a long list of absurd goals. I would have absolutely no issue with an Indo-European Heritage day, wherein we honor the heritage of our folk through demonstrating appreciation toward our ancestors. But White History month? Indo-European history dominates history classes for the most part to begin with, that is the reason Black History and what have you were implemented: it was perceived as overbearing. Nearly every month is White history month with exception to one or two in the year. So its really pointless to do this.

On the suggestion that true history need to be taught….is there a necessity to promote accurate history? of course, but which country would willingly admit to its faults and teach its people the real motivations behind its decisions? A racial society in America may be willing to do this, as an example as to the depths Democracy or what have you are willing to sink to achieve and ensure its perpetuation. But on all matters involving that racial state, it will coat it with sugar just like every one else. Propaganda is a tool applied on all sides of the political sphere.

12) To establish extensive and frequent dialogue, highly covered by the mass media, between gentile leaders of all races, free from jewish sabotage and influence. Daily lengthy TV discussions among reasonable gentiles to improve race relations, and to prevent nationwide riotings and unspeakable attrocities and bloodshed, when the economy inevitably collapses, causing social welfare programs to be greatly reduced, if not cut off altogether. Jews will always fame the flames of racial hatred and violence between all gentile races. They will continue to sic us on each other, for the simple reason, it insures that the minute jewish minority will remain far more powerful and influential than any other ethnic group. Divide and conquer is a powerful jewish weapon.

All prior points leading up to number 12, have a similar focus albeit individually mentioned. Miller seems to increasingly morph into the shape of a Jean Jacques Rousseau. His contention as it appears, seems to be that races can co-exist peacefully alongside each other, and that by human nature we’re tolerant beings, only fueled into hatred by the mean resentful jew. He calls for all to unite in a kumbaya rainbow front against the mean agitator that caused us all to lose sight of our tolerant nature and grab at each others throats. It all sounds nice, but in the end its simply not the case.

As mentioned before, different races fundamentally operate toward the promotion and prosperity of its own kind, at the cost of others if necessary. That we were hostile toward foreign entities in the past (prior to Jewish agitation) is a given, it is evolutionary programmed into all organisms to either defend or to assert its dominance over another. That is why in colonial expansion there are no innocents that were unjustly attacked or harmed, there were those that attacked with the intent to dominate the foreigner and maintain what is theirs, and those that attacked to gain.

14) To initiate laws that will mandate that American company executives who have relocated their companies to foreign countries to take advantage of cheap labor, at the expense of American workers, will either return those companies to the continental United States, or else lose their American citizenships, permanently.

This is a no brainer decision for any Business man in the United States. If given these choices, to increase expenditure and bring business back to the United States, or to simply lose citizenship. Any businessman who by his nature desires profit, would opt for number 2, it costs nothing to attain citizenship in another country and resume his operations. There is no pro-active means by which to ensure that the first option is taken 80 – 90% of the time. There is no incentive for them to bring it back, other than of course a sense of patriotism, which in the first place never really mattered to them. This aside though, Miller yet again (as he does throughout this Goal list) contradicts himself by stating right below this that:

15) To initiate laws that will mandate that American company executives who have outsourced jobs to foreign countries, will be given 90 days to cease such unAmerican practices, and to hire American citizen replacements, or else be prosecuted and punished with large fines and imprisonment.

First his suggests that there would be no other retribution other than the loss of citizenship, then he suggests that they would be imprisoned in the United States (as non US Citizens) and fined large amounts of money. Just another in a long list of insanely stupid statements.

Miller seems to want to make us a Minority, wants to maintain a multiracial society. And firmly believes that it is possible to do so, if done “fairly”. Now either he’s trying to deceive the public by acting like a realistic Republican, or he’s trying to deceive us by acting a racialist.

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