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Looks like ol melcur did the good thing and offed himself.

The saying, though, goes that good things come in three. I really hope this is true, maybe Melcur’s service can extend beyond the grave and start a trend of race mixing “WN” turds kicking the bucket. WN/NS is full of such individuals take Glenn and Faust for example, heh heh heh….

P.S. The VNN thread on this shit is hilarious, for one varg posted a picture which as our Miller would say “looks like it was made by a kindergartener” , if Curt didn’t die of the gun shot wound I am sure he would have died laughing at how shitty that looks. Also, why are people dissing this guy? If Miller died would he be dissed too? He is a race mixer, seriously, what’s the issue over there? It’s okay to race mix for “duh leaders”  but not any one else?  Heck VNN has a self hating jew for an admin, what the hell is going on VNN?

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