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That was the question posed by some decedent of slaves writing for CNN, I guess it was horrible having to hoe weeds on a cotton plantation, real murder.

Recently a “Confederate History Month” was created by the REPUBLICAN governor of the state of Virginia, to which much kneejerk reaction has ensued.

What’s with the sudden surge in Confederate celebration, by Republicans of all people? Votes is what. The Republicans strategy is to woo ignorant hillbillies into voting for the same people who raped and looted the South 150 years ago, to unseat the Democrats and usher the Republicans back into power. The Republicans do this by feigning some sort of racialist feelings to the ignorant dupes who have no where to turn. The Republicans play this instrument very well, they are fiddling like crazy since the Democrats grabbed power.

Anyone who thinks Republicans have woken up and have changed their tune for the last 150 years is a fool. They are playing you suckers, don’t get taken for a ride once again.

The Democrats are no good, but the Republicans are the worst pieces of shit to have ever controlled this country and they must be voted out of office no matter what the consequences are. The Republican party and mindset must be destroyed before we can regain our freedom in this country.

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