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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Well, Doctor Tony’s show is officially back in production and here’s the newest episode.

Show Notes:
Water has Memory
Fighting Influenza
Interview with Jett


Download Link Here

Hey Folks, So Mike and myself were given a guided tour of Atlanta, aka The ATL.
We had no idea what our guide was saying, so in the video we had a wigger translate what he was saying.


Jett Rink and Mike Jahn sit down as commentators for the Memphis 2010 Buckin and Jookin Contest.
Watch the videos!

Part 2

Hey Folks, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an old game, but still fun. What ruined it was playing as a nigger. For those that still play the game or want to try it out, we have for you a… Continue reading

Hey folks, so myself and Mike Jahn called into various Black Radio shows and asked them some questions.
They were not pleased.
Also, we never got our answer. What does “Buckin” mean?


Shows Called:
1. Local… Continue reading

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