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Monthly Archives: June 2010

We called this over 3 years ago.

Most young Whites in college are hoping to graduate, find a job, earn a good salary and get on with their lives. Well, most will graduate, but the part about getting a job… Continue reading

Hey Folks, Here’s a game that took 26 years to make even though it was already invented before it was invented.

This is the commercial Jett and Jahn Media made for BulletBall.

We added some previously unaired content to the audio stream now. It’s more talk now than music. Give it a listen in the side panel.

“(Harun) Ngolo said that he took the garden tool and put it upstairs in his bedroom for protection,” the affidavit states. Roughly an hour later, he and his wife started fighting over whether they should go to the Mohegan Sun… Continue reading

Check out this fan pic!
She’s such a devoted fan she censored herself in mspaint.
Now that’s dedication, forget about Glen Miller’s so called dedication.


Jett's Angel Emily


United States Army admits to helping supply and defend Afghan Opium fields. Despite the spin by Geraldo(Jew), the Taliban dramatically cut Opium production.


Well Folks, we now have live/streaming capabilities!


JnJ's White Shoe Boys Celebrate

MSNBC is the most marxist, liberal station currently on Mainstream Media. Despite this, a recent poll on their website showed that 96% of Americans support the Arizona law and want beaners deported.

The Vote

Only 4% Like Beaners

Linder stresses wordsmithing. After his recent failure of a word “Ill-Liberal”(In nigger language “ill” means cool. Is Linder a wigger???),

White Shoe Boys

White Shoe Boys Faking Work

Jett decided it’s time for me to help out.

Now I never liked the term,… Continue reading

You know, I was thinking about it today and I don’t think the underground railroad ever actually existed. It’s just a bunch of abolitionist fairy tales, similar to the Jewish Resistance fairy tales from the 40’s.
Now I know you’re… Continue reading

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