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You know, I was thinking about it today and I don’t think the underground railroad ever actually existed. It’s just a bunch of abolitionist fairy tales, similar to the Jewish Resistance fairy tales from the 40’s.
Now I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Jett, how can you possibly thing think?.”
When we examine the Underground Railroad scenario it just doesn’t add up.
Firstly, niggers never do anything right. They always fuck shit up. Remember the bank heist scene in the movie Heat with DeNiro and Pacino? The only reason they had a shootout was the nigger driver couldn’t drive for shit.
Anyway, yeah, niggers can’t do shit properly. So how are we supposed to believe they are coordinating escape routes.
Can you imagine a slave tarbaby using a compass or a map? HAHA.

Harriet Tubman

The Conductor, Harriet Tubman

Finally, This is 1865 America, not 2010, Americans didn’t like niggers. Abolitionists just wanted them freed and sent home; only the extreme abolitionists(ala John Brown) preached egalitarianism. With that stated, it’s just implausible that White families would take in and hide niggers. Firstly, slaves smelled like fucking urine. Secondly, the slave would try to rape the White male’s wife or daughters for revenge of the “evils” of slavery.
If the Underground Railroad was real, then a lot of niggers probably didn’t finish the train ride due to their “muh dick” and the White Man’s gun.


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