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This was sent to me via facebook(how legal) from someone on behalf of Heidi Crain

hi tom, heres the deal im speaking on behalf of heidi, we wish this be pulled you guys bashed her and made her sound dumb, we will persue this until it is all pulled. this was unprofessional and childish on your behalf, not only is this without her permission it is ignorant that you would believe this was a good idea, i will seek to speak to your superior for this stunt. we may infact take legal actions if things further for the language used in this podcast, we wish for answers and responses.

Heidi needs to stand by what SHE WROTE in HER article. Freedom of Speech allows both criticism and praise. It is not my fault nor anyone involved in Jett and Jahn that Heidi could not make her case for “More Female Math Teachers”
Do you know how many suits we deal with that are just like this?

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Thomas Connington

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