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Monthly Archives: September 2010


Billy Wilder Accidentally Steps Into The Shot

On April 16, 1945, The Americans took footage of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Rather than handing this off to a solider, the Americans brought in Jew director, Billy Wilder. Wilder is famous for… Continue reading


This is how you make film duderino. You have to have a creative idea. You have none. Our two niggers dancing is more interesting,funny, and creative than your piece of shit “Big Winners.” If you’re looking to re-boost… Continue reading

His Jewish parents abandoned him during the rise of Hitler and he was cared for by a Polish Gentile woman. Abe was baptized and practiced Christianity. At the end of the war, Abe’s parents came to get him back, and… Continue reading

The New World

In this edition of Reading With Jett, we cover the activity of the Jews after arriving in colonial North America.
Topics Covered:
Jews Come To New Amsterdam
Stuyvesant Complains to Officials about Jews
Jewish Method for Getting… Continue reading


Swingfly Won Award For Sweden's Ugliest Nigger in 2008

Recently at Jett and Jahn, We’ve been conducting an internet war against the ugly,no-talented “rapper” from Sweden called Swingfly. Our friends at Stormfront recently teamed up with Jett and Jahn listeners… Continue reading


Conveso Gets The Wheel

Hey bros and chicks, on this edition of Reading With Jett, I’ll be reading the first chapter of Jewish People in America: A Time For Planting – The First Migration 1654 – 1820 by Eli Faber… Continue reading

Connington’s Comment: This article shows how influential just a few Jews were in a small town such as Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania.
One of the Jews held a leadership position at a Catholic College. Jesus Christ.

Honors of Generations go to two Wilkes-Barre area families
– From The Times Leader
Eric Lee says the Davidowitz and Rifkin families were chosen to be honored by Generation to Generation for a lot of good reasons.
“Love, care, respect, commitment, communication, teamwork and filial piety — that’s what I know about them,” Lee said.
An afternoon of music and dance honoring Essy and Bill Davidowitz and family, Sandy and Arnold Rifkin and family and the Jewish traditions from which they come will highlight the third annual Lee Vincent Generation2Generation Dance on Sunday, from 2 to 6 p.m.
“These families and the Jewish traditions are being honored as part of our mission to bring all generations and all cultures together,” said Joseph DeVizia, event chairman.
He said families are urged to attend to celebrate the honorees and to join with families of all heritages for a fun afternoon.
“We chose these two families because of the many things they have done for this community,” DeVizia said.
Arnold and Sandy Rifkin and their family will be honored because of their community support. The A. Rifkin Co. is a family-owned manufacturer and international distributor of security and multiuse reusable fabric lock bag systems and related products, as well as other banking supplies including GPS asset-tracking devices.
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