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Swingfly Won Award For Sweden's Ugliest Nigger in 2008

Recently at Jett and Jahn, We’ve been conducting an internet war against the ugly,no-talented “rapper” from Sweden called Swingfly. Our friends at Stormfront recently teamed up with Jett and Jahn listeners to flag his horrible song and video.

Anyway,here’s an article I caught from a Swedish newspaper. Apparently ‘Swingfly’ had a white girlfriend and him and his mudshark got busted for selling cocaine.
“True Bråding captured on film by police kamera the day before Midsummer Eve for over a year ago when she made up a cocaine deal. Even before the police had had the span of her and her boyfriend Mbumba Mwasa. Both the boyfriend and artist Swingfly was June 14 to buy 15 grams of cocaine was the principal in the drug scandal.
Today was sentenced True Bråding to three months in prison and probation with vård for drug offenses.
This writes the district court as grounds:
“True Bråding be condemned because she willfully unlawfully and has held four grams of cocaine and has acquired, in part, with intent to supply, in which she has received, held and then sent eight grams of cocaine”.
Her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison for drug offenses. Back in September last year he was sentenced to four months in prison for drug offenses. He has admitted that he has taken drugs about ten times, including True Bråding beskräftar in interrogation with the police.
True Bråding who wrote in a notebook on the drug trade has written En, which assumes the right stands for Swingfly.
Artists Swingfly, with the right name Richard Silva, were sentenced to probation with community service for 120 hours. Had the appeal in his case been in prison would be a district court sentence him to four months.
The organizer of the drug affairs was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison for drug offenses and serious drug offenses. He also expelled from Sweden and may not return until 2015.”

Article in Swedish
Flag His Video Here
Typical Nigger Breaking the law and screwing white women.

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