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This video produced by Jett and Jahn Media shows the real reason for Lady Gaga’s popularity. It exposes her as a cultural tool for the Sexual Deviant Agenda.

Here’s another news story of Lady Gaga being sued for Plagiarism by Madonna
Madonna has sued her number one competitor, Lady Gaga, for plagiarism for the song ‘Alexander’ similar to her hit’Like a Prayer’. Lady Gaga says her intention was from the outset, to pay tribute to Madonna.
Madonna says she is not going to allow this for more time. Lady Gaga was getting too close to her style and gossip about what had already reached the “new Madonna” began to be heard too. So the Queen of Pop has formally denounced by Lady Gaga for plagiarizing her hit ‘Like a Prayer’ in ‘Alexander’, the last and controversial success of YouTube (with over 20 million views).
It is true that the music style is very similar but is also the movements which makes the young blonde in ‘Alexander’ is almost identical to those of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’.
Given the demand for plagiarism, Lady Gaga has said, she feels honored to be compared with the Queen of Pop and above, explained that all he wanted with his latest song was precisely honor her. Pending the outcome of this new battle among the stars of the track, we left the two videos in question: ‘Alexander’ and ‘Like a Prayer’.

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