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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Irish Soldier

Michael Keogh on his Wedding Day

The family of an Irish soldier who saved a young Adolf Hitler and fought on both sides during World War I has published his memoirs after they were missing for more than 40 years.

The amazing wartime tale of Dubliner Michael Keogh began when he joined the British Army in 1914 and won the George’s Cross for bravery before being captured by the Germans in 1916.
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Really a Chick

A 31-year-old Ohio woman has admitted to posing as a teenage boy so she could date a teenage girl, pleading guilty to misdemeanor sexual imposition.
A prosecutor’s spokesman says Patricia Dye also pleaded guilty on Wednesday to… Continue reading


The Frankfurt School of Social Research

Today on Reading With Jett, we will be covering the Frankfurt School of Social Research. This is part one, as the topic is very complex and it’s important to understand.

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