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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Jett and Jahn intern, Tim Roberts, risked his life to bring us this report on what is soul food.
Thanks Tim!

Also, Tim Says that the nigger who says lasagna is soul food was on crack.

Detested Jews and Niggers


We all know that President George Bush helped strengthen Neo-Conservatism (Jews) but one may ask if he even knew what Neo-Conservatism is.

Based on the various media clips we have collected, it appears Bush (1) Thinks… Continue reading

White Man and Music
Jett and Jahn Media
by Jett Rink

“Judge a generation by its music.”

If we take the above quote in context, I ask the readers what that says about our current generation. Sure, a portion of… Continue reading

Niggers at the Waterpark
Jett and Jahn Media

Picture a water park on a warm sunny day. It sounds refreshing doesn’t it? Or does it sound like a filth fest? As the 1950’s America-Disney World further disappears, so is our… Continue reading

At this year’s Grammy’s, Nigger rap song, “Fuck You”, by Cee Lo is up for nomination.
The song,which can be played below, uses profanity but in a very Jewish manor. It attempts to be “classy” and permissible by beckoning back… Continue reading

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