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Niggers at the Waterpark
Jett and Jahn Media

Picture a water park on a warm sunny day. It sounds refreshing doesn’t it? Or does it sound like a filth fest? As the 1950’s America-Disney World further disappears, so is our ability to enjoy facilities we built.
What is more disgusting than sharing a water park with a nigger?
One trip to any water park will make any non-nigger disliker change his views. Niggers take their shirts off emitting a foul odor of urine, which they sweat, to every non-nigger in the vicinity. This beast like behavior continues when the fun is supposed to start; nigger bucks push and nudge their way through the lines of wet customers. Complain to their parents and you’ll only find that the statement “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree” is true. Nigger Parenting, which deserves a more sophisticated essay, is a topic in itself. Essentially though, nigger parents let their niglets run free throughout the park while they try to get their “groove” back on. Say something happens to their niglets? Think they care? Hell no, the theme park should have been supervising them! A dead niglet is the equivalent of a lottery ticket to nigger parents. They can sue the park owners and Mo’Money, dawg.

The real question is the following:
Considering niggers have a heavier chest cavity which makes it near impossible for them to swim (Fear Factor- Tank Stunt) why do they even go to water parks?

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