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At this year’s Grammy’s, Nigger rap song, “Fuck You”, by Cee Lo is up for nomination.
The song,which can be played below, uses profanity but in a very Jewish manor. It attempts to be “classy” and permissible by beckoning back to the sound of “White America” ala 1950’s America. On a side note, the mythical wonderland of 1950’s America never really existed and was created by Hollywood Jews. It is referred to as the “Shadow America” in Neal Gabler’s book. Anyway, what Cee Lo gives us in this song is some profanity which attempts to be humorous. If a nigger saying “fuck you” and “fuck you too” appeals to you, well hey this song is right up your alley. To me, “Fuck You” is just the Jews setting the standard for what passes as Award Material now. The song is very similar in tone to Jewess Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” song. If I was a nigger, I would be embarrassed.

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