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White Man and Music
Jett and Jahn Media
by Jett Rink

“Judge a generation by its music.”

If we take the above quote in context, I ask the readers what that says about our current generation. Sure, a portion of young Whites like Hip-Hop/Rap and other nigger/jew shit but what about the kids that like the rock genre?  Well let’s look at the different sub-genres within Rock:
Neo-Hippie – Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Promotes drug and alcohol use; lyrics contain no substance

Mainstream – Shitty run of the mill music, just think Nickelback

Ironic “Indy/Emo/Scene” – Weak sound, lyrics about oneself loosing, message is = Whites Suck

Scream Metal – Music for weirdoes. No point for this genre to have lyrics when it is just guitars and drums clashing

None of these genres offered to us by the Jews that control the Music Industry is appealing to Whites. This generation has the most boring music in the history of man. It’s not a matter of opinion that the music is boring, rather it is fact. All one needs to do is look at a Top’s Chart; They will see the list dominated with niggers and Katie Perry. What won’t they see? The Great White Artist.

The Great White Artist has always existed in music, until today. Rock Music was the pinnacle of the Great White Artist. This generation is void of men, such as Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Roger Waters, and even fag Elton John (Whose songs were written by a straight guy named Taupin).

The Great White Artist was plenty in the 1970’s and 1980’s, yet now he is gone. The last Great White Artist was undoubtedly Curt Cobain. It is debatable Hip Hop would even exist had Cobain lived. Cobain, as the Great White Artist, helped create and popularize a now dead genre “Grunge” which was music for White Kids with balls. No “Grunge” artist sang about losing their ballsack and their girlfriend.

The Jews saw Grunge and all Great White Artists as threats to the rise of Hip-Hop music in which Jews were able to create a unified culture. President Obama, for example, was helped by the popularity of hip-hop.

Therefore if Whites want the Music Industry back, just kick out the Jews. Rap is dead, anyway. The kids want something else. They want the return of the Great White Artist.

Real Rock For Whites
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