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Monthly Archives: January 2011

What an ugly niglet on the billboard.


Let them go extinct

LOS ANGELES –LA Watts Times, News Report, Janette Robinson Flint–  Black Women for Wellness joined with others nationally and locally last week to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a holiday that marks important milestones in our African-American experience.

While we are encouraged by the strides that have been made to unify and heal our communities, we must point out a racist and divisive campaign that objectifies Black children, charges Black women with genocide, and utilizes Black men as pawns in a political play for power that has been brought to our city by The Radiance Foundation and Issue4life.

Along King Boulevard, where this year’s parade was, and where our community — politicians, elected officials, grassroots leadership and everyday folk — gathered to celebrate the life of the Rev. King, were billboards with the message that says Black children are an endangered species, and the face of a beautiful African-American child accompanying this dangerous message.

This message is dangerous because it belies its true purpose: to gather anti-abortion support in the African-American community. Los Angeles is the latest stop in this campaign. Billboards have been posted in Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida and Illinois.

Black children are not comparable to bald eagles, blue whales, California condors and other animals on the endangered-species list.

A society that does not value the lives of Black children, women and men is the greatest threat to our community. Substandard housing, some unchecked police power that murders with impunity and jails with gusto, disparities in health care, pay, life expectancy and more. These are the true threats to the survival of healthy, stable Black families and communities.
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In December of 2010, Police raided a Jenkem Factory in Fort Pierce, Florida.
The police report states the following: “officers went upstairs, they discovered it was feces, possibly human.
It had been dumped out everywhere, on the mattress, the couch… Continue reading

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann

On Friday, January 21st, MSNBC has stated, “MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract.” The last broadcast of Olbermann’s show was Friday the 21st as well.
Olbermann originally started out as a Sports Guy on… Continue reading

Jelly Roll Morton’s Jewish Heritage

Jelly Roll Morton

Jelly Roll Morton was Jewish

Jazz really is just a bastardized version of the European’s classical music. Ragtime would be the White Man’s superior version of Jazz. Anyway, Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton, the supposed creator… Continue reading

Wasps saw German-Americans as traitorous. The plan by attacking their PRIVATE schools was to AMERICANIZE (Turn into Wasps) the German-Americans, which was later achieved with the suburbs system thanks to Rockefellers and the Jew, Louie Wirth. The goal with Public… Continue reading

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