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April Gaede

April Gaede

I recently spoke with April about her interview on the Alan Colmes radio show on January 28, 2010. She remarked to me the crude behavior of one of the callers on the show. April said the caller was black and as could be predicted, he got sexual. April pointed out the caller was a typical black. What interested me, and the rest of the crew is Alan Colmes’s actions and how the caller was treated.

It is our opinion based on our work in media that the call was a plant, i.e. scripted,fake,etc, of the production staff.

  • Alan laughs immediately as “Lionel” is brought on the show
  • Alan laughs at Lionel’s remark about sexual genitals (A caller would normally get disconnected and the commented would be censored out by producers)
  • The caller is allowed to say “Cracker bitch” before hanging up which would normally be censored

April handled herself well. Why is Alan Colmes so interested in WN?
The Interview

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