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Wasps saw German-Americans as traitorous. The plan by attacking their PRIVATE schools was to AMERICANIZE (Turn into Wasps) the German-Americans, which was later achieved with the suburbs system thanks to Rockefellers and the Jew, Louie Wirth. The goal with Public schooling stays the same, except now I would say the goal is to Judize the kids.

The Bennett Law was a highly controversial state law passed in Wisconsin in 1889, that required the use of English to teach major subjects in all public and private elementary and high schools. It affected the state’s many German-language private schools (and some Norwegian schools), and was bitterly resented by German-American communities. The German Catholics and Lutherans each operated large networks of parochial schools in the state. Because the language used in the classroom was German, the law meant that the teachers would have to be replaced with bilingual teachers.
The law seemed to be a non-controversial effort to require school attendance when it passed and few paid much attention to the language provision at first. In practice, the law was never enforced. Republican politicians had long avoided antagonizing the Germans. However, in 1888 the professionals were pushed aside and the party nominated William D. Hoard, a dairy farmer with no political experience as governor. He found the opposition of the Germans to the Bennett Law an insult to the English language, and he tried to mobilize the Wasp population of the state behind his reelection in 1890 by hammering at the necessity to have all children speak English. (Most German children were bilingual in the cities and towns, but those in rural areas spoke mostly German.)

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