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Nigger Wilkerson’s behavior leaves Boasian Anthropologists stunned.

William Wilkerson

Ahz Shit Where I want, Cracka

William Wilkerson, a homeless nigger from Louisville, Kentucky, has been arrested for defecating on The Cathedral of the Assumption’s property. Police said, they saw the nigger remove his pants, then proceed to defecate. Police also saw his genitals. Wilkerson was then promptly charged with indecent exposure. As police questioned William Wilkerson of Louisville, Kentucky, it became clear to officers that Wilkerson smelled of alcohol. Many officers also believe Wilkerson was smoking free-base cocaine. Also, in addition to shitting on a church, showing his genitals, William Wilkerson proceeded to call cops “Crackers,” so apparently Wilkerson hates Whites.
Police say Wilkerson had three outstanding warrants.

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Thanks to Jett and Jahn fan Kenny The Mac via facebook for this find!

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