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I am aware that most of our audience probably has no idea what the Down the White Rabbit Radio shows were about, well we will address that now.

There exists a dog-and-pony show made by a man named Horus the Avenger. The show consists of talking about rabbits and hippo gods in place of race.
Here is how it breaks down

  • White Rabbits – (White People, Good Jews, Non-Whites in their own homelands)
  • Pink Rabbits – (Banker Jews and Traitorous Whites)
  • Hippo God – (No idea?)
  • Green Godess – (Godzilla? ran out of ideas?)

Let me stress now the importance of the White Rabbit description
This lore created by Horus is lethal to White Nationalism. It allows for Jews and non-whites into our movement.

This is the same problem we face with American Renaissance and Jared Taylor with his organization accepting Jews.

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