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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Some Chink in Britain Complained That The Song and Singer Were Racist.

Deport the Chink

Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey Is Pissed

Police arrested a singer on racism charges
after a man reportedly of Chinese descent
complained about his performance of the song
“Kung Fu Fighting,” according to reports.


Simon Ledger, 34, told Britain’s The Sun
newspaper that he and his band were
performing the 1970s classic at the Driftwood
Beach Bar on the Isle of Wight off the southern
coast of England.

“We were performing Kung Fu Fighting, as we
do during all our sets,” he told the newspaper.
“People of all races were loving it. Chinese
people have never been offended by it before.”

But Ledger told The Sun an Asian man walking
by with his mother hurled an expletive and
made an obscene hand gesture at the
performers during the Sunday afternoon
performance, then took a photo with his cell
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Studies show Rap Makes Whites Scream



The Breakdown

Studies have found that White men tend to scream and become very angry when hearing rap music. One researcher, Jett and Jahn Media intern, Tim Roberts, asked about this question said,… Continue reading

White Kids Sick Of Asians

With more and more slanteyed fucks pouring into American Universities, White Kids have said enough is enough.
Asians are very clannish. Cheating is very common among Asians in Academia. Professors do nothing.
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I’m watching everyone around me socializing and having the time of their lives, going to parties and fucking each other… while here I am alone like I am every night, filled with angst and despair as I sink deeper… Continue reading

A picture speaks a thousand words.


Wigger Owned

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A five year old telling a wigger to act his race. LOL
This was sent in by Jett and Jahn Media fan, Mike T!

Bull Dyke Ellen DeGeneres Rips off White Men


Famous For A Sexual Deviant

A fan favorite on the Ellen Degeneres Show is where DeGeneres does an awkward dance at the beginning of the show. Betcha thought she was creative,… Continue reading

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