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Homosexuals Get Racist Against Anti-Fag Nigger Pastor in Uganda

In a clip that hit the Jett and Jahn Media Facebook group, we notice a nigger pastor condemning homosexuality and labeling it deviant. This is a key issue which is highly offensive to faggots. The use of the term Homosexual as an identity is very new. Homosexuals along with Lesbians and other freaks were and still are in science and religion labeled Sexually Deviant which is accurate. Homosexuals and Lesbians do not care about a partner like hetrosexuals, it’s all about pleasure.
What we see here in this video is the LGBT/Jew Agenda has no defense so they pull the “dumb nigger” card on him. What he says is accurate. His use of the word poo poo is not important. He’s speaking to dumb Africans, what’s he going to say Feces? Would they know what that is?
Faggots love to take the morale high ground and claim we’re racists yet here they are doing it themselves.
Remember Faggots, Lesbians, Whatever = Sexual Deviant

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