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Jett and Jahn Media is proud to present this podcast featuring Dr. E. Michael Jones discussing what it means to be White. Also, Dr. Jones talks about the rise of Neo-Conservatism, the black/jew alliance, and White Nationalism today. (Oh yeah, Duke stole the intro to this show for his often inaccurate Youtube videos)

Jared Taylor

Yes, Jews are White. Now give me my ZOG Bucks - Jared Taylor

Key Notes:
Neo-Conservatism – Zionist Jews and Whites
PaleoConservatism – Whites that lack balls
Ethnic Whites – Northerner Whites, typically Catholic
Southern Whites- White guys
Jew/Black Alliance – Jews used Blacks as revolutionaries
American Renaissance –¬†founded by Jared Taylor and supported by the likes of David Duke, this group accepts Jews.



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