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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Article by Dershowitz
In Norway, a prominent professor openly criticizes the Jewish people as a group (and Jewish culture as well) as a collective deviation. In Johannesburg, the university severs its ties with an Israeli university, while in Cape Town a newspaper headline welcomes me with the following words, “Dershowitz is not welcome here” and an excuse is found to cancel a scheduled lecture by me at the university.

Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz

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Jett Rink and Mike Jahn with special fight analyst Eric Fitzgerald sit in for this fight of a nigger vs a white super man.

Jett and Jahn Boxing

Pause and Let Build Then Play if Buffering Occurs

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For the Fourth of July – Is America Really Free?
In this discussion about Libido Dominandi featuring E. Michael Jones, we see how the elites use pornography as a form of social control masquerading as freedom.



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