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In a look behind the seedy scenes of pornography, we discover that porn star Haley Cummings is now pregnant. She has stated on her Facebook wall that she will continue doing pornography. She is even happy that the pregnancy will make her features bigger. Some of Ms.Cummings work is interracial. In apparently what seems to be the stealing of her phone by an ex lover, some comments were made from Ms.Cummings official account which refers to niggers as niggers,porch monkeys and other names. Comments were also left about greedy producers.


Haley Cummings

Haley Cummings


Tweet of Pregnancy

Bigger Boobs

Happy about her boobs getting bigger


Apparently now her phone gets stolen from her and these rants appear:

Haley Cummings

Racist Rant



Now she likes niggers?wtf?


Haley Cummings Rant

nevermind she's quitting again


Haley Money

In the end its all about the money


Here Haley Cummings informs fans that her phone was stolen/borrowed/hacked/ whatever

Haley Cummings

Haley Informs Fans


Thank God for Face Book huh? If you’ve ever wondered what a porn star breaking up with her boyfriend is like this is it….I guess



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