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Black Powerless Activist Says Blacks Will Lose

White Men

The Race War

At a meeting of Black Power leaders discussion revealed that their movement is plagued with in-fighting,class warfare, and overall failure to plan.
It seems many Black Powerless groups are having problems breaking away from the Nation of Islam, which is the dominant force in Black Nationalism.
The new generation of Black Powerless groups are made up of either current or former drug traffickers with a deep hatred for White people. As such, the failure to understand the Jews is present as the new generation of blacks see Jews as “crackas.”
Traits of the “New Generation” of Black Nationalists

  • Hood Mentality (no snitching)
  • No White Friends
  • Sale and Consumption of Drugs should be Black ONLY
  • Feel that Blacks are afraid of Whites
  • Deep Hatred of the Police
  • Blame the White Man
  • Egypt was Black nonsense
  • “Old” Mexico was Black (no joke, they think this)

Here is a video clip obtained by Jett and Jahn Media intern, Tim Roberts, in which a Black Power leader states Blacks will lose to Whites.

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