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Monthly Archives: October 2011

A fan of the show sent me a bumper sticker he’s been posting around his town. He asked the Jett if I’d show his sticker. Well, no problem, friend! At the site listed on the sticker, you can find out… Continue reading

Jews and Rap Chains

Jewish Rap Chain

Just as Jews were the cultural architects of HipHop/multiculturalism by using blacks as revolutionaries in media , we see now that Jews are the true profiteers. In the below video a rapper named yung eggplant goes… Continue reading

Reading With Jett returns to discuss an article from the September 2011 edition of Culture Wars Magazine.
The article deals with the story of Faust and Mephistopheles as allegories for the Rothschild banking family. Also covered is the overall financial… Continue reading

This video by David Icke aka the lizard guy explains how the Jew World Order/NWO/Zog/Globalism is forming. Great video.

Taken from Wasp Elitist/Rockefeller friend Paul Blandshard’s American Freedom and Catholic Power.
Around 1919, Blandshard and his brother spent a summer in a Polish neighbor and grew to hate the new White immigrants


I am convinced that some political and… Continue reading

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