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Despite the name Black Entertainment Television, B.E.T., is owned by Jews.

Robert Johnson BET

Robert Johnson - An Uncle Tom

BET was founded by a negro named Robert L. Johnson in 1980. The station originally focused on Black issues and was designed for a Black audience. In 1999, Jew Sumner Redstone’s Viacom bought BET for $3 billion. The network then became another component in the Jew’s arsenal of cultural warfare. Now under Jewish ownership, BET dramatically changed by turning into simply another MTV or Vh1 pumping nothing but hip-hop, rap, and removing any shows that seriously discussed racial issues. The name Black Entertainment Television is now a misnomer as it is heavily watched by wiggers.
Robert Johnson sold out his people to the Jews. Here at Jett and Jahn Media we create white media for white people and no amount of jew money will make us turn our back on our people.

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