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Monthly Archives: December 2011

In my journies for the company across America’s darkest cities I came a path a black dude who wanted me to record his case of how the white man justice system screwed him. I agreed to film him as long… Continue reading

John Wilkes Booth,assassin of Lincoln, was half Jewish.

John Wilkes Booth A Sister's Memoir

Booth's Sister says they are half Jewish


In the book, John Wilkes Booth – A Sister’s Memoir by Asia Booth, it is revealed that John Wilkes Booth’s father, Junius Brutus Booth, was Jewish.
The passage reads: “Born in 1796 to a highly educated clan of Jewish lawyers and silversmiths on his father’s side”

John Wilkes Booth was Jewish

Snippet from book

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Did the Jews and Jessie Jackson Kill MLK? James Earl Ray sure as hell didn’t!

James Earl Ray

James Earl Ray - Patsy

In the video series below, Steve Cokely alleges that Jesse Jackson played an intricate role in the killing of Martin Luther King.
Steve Cokely was trained and worked for Jews in Chicago. He broke with the Jews and is now hated by them.
Apparently, MLK broke from The Jews and his handler Stanley Levinson which prompted the Jews to seek a successor which was Jesse Jackson.
Don Rose, Jew, chose Jessie Jackson to succeed MLK. Cokely makes his case in the following video series linked below:

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