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Today, Jett and Jahn Media mourns the 1 year anniversary of the passing of our friend, and co-founder, Sepp.
Sepp, known as Karl to the fans, was JnJ’s first producer until his passing.
Born December 6, 1986 – Passed December 14, 2010.

Here is what some of the staff members whom worked with Sepp had to say about him:
“He was my best friend. There will never be another Sepp.” – Mike Jahn
“Sepp and I worked on the site together, even setting up the now closed forums. He taught me a lot when it came to web design.” – Brighid
“Without Sepp, there would be no Jett and Jahn Media. Not a day goes by we don’t think of him” – Jett Rink

South African German Flag

A Proud South African and German

This song is dedicated to Sepp from all of us at Jett and Jahn Media

Here is the best of Sepp. Almost all shows he appeared in or helped create.
The Bastard of Bel Air – Sepp Deals with an unruly guest
The Last Rebel Yell – Sepp Deals with the death of Jim Giles
Sepp, Mike, and Jett prank call blacks
From our feud with VNN
Sepp and Jahn talk
Sepp’s first appearance on JnJ radio
Sepp also helped create many of the episodes in VNN The Show
Watch The Episodes Here

RIP Friend

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