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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The founder of megaupload, Kim Dotcom (born Schmitz), has been denied bail in New Zealand and America seeks to extradite him. Many individuals have been charged internationally and are facing US extradition in regards to file-sharing and copyright infringement.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom


The following video shows the strength of media on Americans in the culture today.

Why are Americans like this? Simple – We do not control our own media. Rather Jews, whom can set any agenda they like, control it. The… Continue reading

The SOPA Bill
January, 18th, 2012
Jett and Jahn Media Founder, Brett Quinn

SOPA Jews and the NFL Penalty Video

You may have noticed the lack of updates here at Jett and Jahn Media, why is that? We are protesting SOPA. SOPA is an attempt to stop sites like ours, not because we have a different view of the culture than so called “mainstream media” sites, but because Jews that own content production companies are supposedly losing money because – point blank- the general internet audience is tired of politically correct, watered down, Jewish produced shit. Our nfl penalty video (stop being a nigger), African bungee jumping, White man reacts to rap music (from the movie Hardcore but edited heavily by JNJ Media) are already censored from Youtube searches, content ID tagged, and almost non-existent unless you subscribe to our channel. The JNJ Raw channel, which was nuked by false DMCAs via Jews, was extremely popular. NFL Penalty was the first result for that term “NFL Penalty” on Youtube. It was banned at 400,000 views (in under 2 months!) . Imagine the views now with the NFL playoffs and the Superbowl. NFL Penalty was deliberately nuked due to its popularity. The video was not “hate speech” as even blacks found the video funny. Old Media Jews are charging an extreme amount of money for advertising for the Superbowl, however, based on the stats, NFL Penalty would have blown these million dollar ads away because we don’t have a Jew filter.
Protest against SOPA. Stop SOPA. Do not do this via Google as it is owned by Jews and it’s so called “protest list” is more of a “haters list.”

Press Release from our friends at  PirateBay regarding SOPA:
INTERNETS, 18th of January 2012.


Over a century ago Thomas Edison got the patent for a device which would "do for the eye what the phonograph does for
the ear". He called it the Kinetoscope. He was not only amongst the first to record video, he was also the first person
to own the copyright to a motion picture.

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Israeli tourist (terrorist more like it) Rotem Singer started a fire in Chile last week which still has over 700 firefighters battling it.

Rotem Singer

Israeli Arsonist

The fires recently were found to be arson, started perhaps by the Mapuche Indians – Chile’s largest indigenous minority – who demand the return of their ancestral lands. Singer, whom is charged with negligently causing the fire may be involved more than appears.
Israel quickly told Chile that, ” it[Israel] identifies with Chile following a similar disaster in Israel’s Carmel Forest and added that it offered Chile aid through a delegation of forestation experts,” but would be sending no financial aid.
Israel has warned Chile about “friendship.” We all know what that means! Maybe the forest was anti-Semitic?
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Mark the Jett’s words, today, Rick Santorum will emerge the winner of Iowa. People are tired of Obama and the radical destruction of the fabric of American life: the family.
Santorum is the son of coal miners. He is… Continue reading

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