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How Ron Paul is Ross Periot

Ron Paul is Ross Perot

Same Trick

America’s a little bit older now but the same trick that was used in the early 1990’s against the likes of Pat Buchanan and other crusaders for morality is being used again to disrupt and confuse Her voters. A short, old, friendly Texican named, Ross Perot, became a household name in the 1990s. Infamous for his talks about the economy and spending while side-stepping other questions that dealt with the moral state of America.
The same is all true of Ron Paul. If Ron Paul were to drop out tomorrow, Rick Santorum, the only candidate who openly states how bad ¬†both the current moral and economic structure of America is, would become the front runner. Santorum’s number one supporters are blue-collar white people who care about America. You see how Ron Paul becomes a tool of what his critics propose he stands against. He is holding back Rick Santorum just as Pat Buchanan was held back in the 1990s.

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