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Failed Rock Star Claims “Gay, Straight, White, Black, It Doesn’t Matter, We’re All People”

(sounds like a fag)

Royal Bliss Bassist Dwayne Crawford recently defended porn star Stormy Daniels following her meltdown interview with Jett Rink.

I’ve never heard of Royal Bliss so I checked them out and learned they are a boring, generic “rock” band from Salt Lake City, Utah (Basically a Mormon version of Nickelback… yeah, that bad…)

Below is my exchange with Dwayne Crawford:

Hmmm, what happened to diversity?

Can’t have it both ways pal, even liberals admit we’re all different.

Crawford also claims to “sell out venues nationwide” and “have a record currently on the charts”

Both of these statements are entirely false, Crawford is out of touch with reality

He also looks like a cross between Al Borland and Zack Galifanakis.


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