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Ryan Braun tested positive for performance enhancing drugs but will not be suspended


Yahoo! Sports: Ryan Braun’s words say one thing, science another

Huffington Post: Ryan Braun Suspension Overturned: ‘Chain Of Custody’ Key To Appeal

Milwaukee Brewers Left Fielder Ryan Braun recently won an appeal and cancelled his 50 game suspension.

Braun (nicknamed “The Hebrew Hammer”) won the NL MVP award last season after hitting .332 with 33 HR and 111 RBI. (No way a Jew could ever do that without cheating)

Last October, he tested positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs. His testosterone level was five times higher than normal human levels.

Braun immediately claimed he was a “victim” (sound familiar?) and scheduled a legal appeal. However in court, he NEVER denied taking the performance enhancing drugs.

Instead, his lawyer only claimed the drug test was invalid because the “chain of custody” was broken. (Braun’s urine sample was not immediately sent to the lab, it was shipped two days later.)

It is also interesting to add that the Commissioner in charge of Major League Baseball is a Jew named Bud Selig.

And with that, Ryan Braun won his appeal and the Jews cheated the game of baseball.

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