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Jewish Agency: Anti-Semitism in Western Europe “worst since World War II”


The recent shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France continues a wave of anti-Semitism throughout Western Europe.

The global financial crisis and Israel’s hostility towards Iran have brought Europe back to the Jewish question.

Two weeks ago, Paris’ Interior Ministry released statistics that showed there had been 389 anti-Semitic attacks in 2011.

Several Jewish Zionist groups and Israeli leaders have warned Jews they need to flee Europe for their safety.

Jewish Journalist Giulio Meotti claimed “Jewish life in France and Europe is not under question, it is already history”. Israeli Politican Ya’akov Katz added “There is no Jewish future in France”.

But remember the past, Jews have been expelled from 84 different locations on 109 different occasions. Yet somehow, they continue to live throughout the world. (As they say, a parasite can’t survive without a host….)

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