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Creator Steven Levitan Claims Homosexuals Are “Most Conventional Couple” On His Show 

Modern Family is the highest rated sitcom on ABC. Obama praised the show and said it is his “favorite show to watch with his family” in an interview with People Magazine.

So, how does Modern Family portray the family unit?

The show proudly promotes a homosexual relationship between characters Mitchell Pritchett (Jessy Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet). In second season episode “The Old Wagon”, viewers learn the gay couple met at an orgy. (How romantic?)

Later in second season episode “The Kiss”, Mitchell and Cameron are actually shown kissing each other. In third season episode “Little Bo Bleep”, their adopted Vietnamese baby repeatedly yells the F-word.

Millions of Americans watch this show and their views of the traditional family are changed. Children are taught that homosexuality, promiscuity, and multiculturalism are normal and should be accepted.

Modern Family is an obvious example of social engineering, a media led effort to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the creator and executive producer behind Modern Family is Jew, Steven Levitan.

In an interview with “Deadline”, Levitan talks about his show and claims that homosexuality is “a wonderful thing to explore. In many ways, they are the most conventional couple.”

What? Conventional means “ordinary” and “normal”.

Homosexuality is definitely not ordinary or normal. They can’t have real sex, can’t create children, can’t get married, and have no place in the traditional family unit.

Modern Family is clearly part of the larger Jewish effort to promote homosexuality and destroy the real family.


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