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Greg “The Racist” Valentine, Jewish Kids Discuss Trauma of Anti-Semitism, and Steve Cokely Fights Irv Rubin.

On this St. Patrick’s Day edition, Jett Rink and Joey McGoebbels examine cultural themes.

Show topics include: (1 hour 15 minutes)

Wrestlemania Promos from the 80’s:
(Greg “The Racist” Valentine vs. Junkyard Dog)

“Rock & Roll Man”
“You nasty… individual… nasty black person”
“I’m gonna slap you around boy”
“Go back to shining shoes”
“I’m gonna rub your nasty black face into the ring, and all that’s going to be left is a big black spot”
“If you’re a real man, you never go down! You just stay up!”

ADL Tolerance Training Video has Jewish kids share personal examples of anti-Semitism:

Horror Stories:
Asian Jew teased for picking up coins
Girl teased for being a JAP (Jewish American Princess)
Nigger Jew teased for leaving football game
Catholic teacher tells Jew, “You should know, your people killed Jesus”
Jewish online poker player accused of “controlling all the money”
Jew finds swastika picture saved on a school computer
Teacher wouldn’t let Jew make up test
Fat Jew accused of being more loyal to Israel than American
Ugly Jew has swastika painted on car window

Blacks Take On Jews: Clips from 1988 episode of CNN Crossfire:
Steve Cokely and Irv Rubin

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