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Americans Finally Turn Off Jewish Owned Cable Television Networks 

Sumner Redstone (JEW)

In 1987, Jewish businessman Sumner Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein) purchased majority ownership of Viacom.

Redstone later acquired several television networks and turned the company into one of the largest media organizations in the world.

Viacom currently owns MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, MTV2, Comedy Central, BET, Nick at Nite, Noggin, TV Land, CMT, Spike TV, and Showtime.

For the last 25 years, Americans have grown up watching these networks. Their values and beliefs were formed by The Real World, Cribs, Punk’d, True Life, and most recently Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore revolves around a group of young adults living together in a beach rental home. By day they work at a T-shirt shop, and the rest of the time they drink, have sex and make jokes about each other.

The show has become MTV’s most watched series of all time.

MTV programs are clear examples social engineering, a media led effort to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale.

Kids watch Jersey Shore and they see how “adults” behave. Male viewers learn from “The Situation” (Mike Sorrentino) and women learn from Snooki (Nicole Polizzi).

However, the MTV fad may finally be coming to an end. A recent study by Nielsen Media Research claims that television ratings for MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET have plunged in 2012.

In 2012, MTV’s ratings have dropped 19% in its target demographic (18-to-34-year-olds).

Nickelodeon’s 2012 ratings have shrunk by 28% in its target demographic (6-to-11-year-olds) since the beginning of the year.

Comedy Central’s ratings have fell 15% since the beginning of the year.

Even on BET, Viacom’s black network, ratings have dropped 12% in 2012.

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman (another Jew) has noticed the trend and recently announced Viacom will spend $3 billion on new programming to bring back viewers.

Here’s a preview of MTV’s new programs:

You Couldn't Pay Me Enough...

Snooki and JWoww vs. The World: This Jersey Shore spinoff about the lives of Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) and JWoww (Jennifer Farley) has been described by as a modern-day Laverne & Shirley. (The series will also focus on Snooki’s unexpected pregnancy…)

The Pauly D. Project: This series follows Pauly D (Paul DelVecchio) and his transition from “world-famous” housemate on Jersey Shore to a “world-class” DJ. The series premier already aired on March 29th with extremely low ratings…

Catfish: Jewish filmaker Nev Schulman created this series about young people that fall in love with someone they met on Facebook.

The Inbetweeners: This show, originally a U.K. series, is about “the misadventures of four high-school boys as they navigate the humiliating transition into adulthood”.

Underemployed: This is a group sitcom about five friends recently out of college. They expected to start their career but “find themselves going through a series of odd jobs, low-paying gigs, and comical situations – all in an effort to make ends meet”.

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous: This series is about a young man trying to become an Internet celebrity without any talent.

Wake Brothers: This series follow two young surfers in California.

These new shows are Viacom’s desperate attempt to stay relevant and identify with a new generation.

Dauman delcared “we’ll use every weapon in our arsenal. We know how to do this. We’ve had issues with our various networks; we always turn them around.”

But will it work this time?

Even MTV’s most popular show, Jersey Shore’s ratings this last season were down 25% from the previous season.

In fact, ratings declined every week with the last episode attracting the lowest audience for a season finale since the first season.

Maybe the MTV generation has finally matured?

We can only hope…

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