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The Holocaust Victims were those executed at the Nuremberg Trials
Jewish Yellow Star 

The Day of April 20th has practically become a holiday to young people. In fact, it is “unofficial marijuana day”, which fits our idea for the national holiday of 4/20 as Jews seek to keep Marijuana/Hemp illegal due to the impact decriminalization would have on the Pharmaceutical and textile markets.
Jett & Jahn Media’s idea is simple – Name 4/20 “National Remembrance Day of Jewish Crimes Against Humanity” and change the U.S. Holocaust Museum to a Museum of Jewish Crimes.
On this 4/20, I want to make it perfectly clear, The Holocaust Never Happened. Jews died of Typhus. The Gas chambers were used for delousing of cloth and uniforms to KEEP JEWS ALIVE. The Germans did not have DDT, which the Americans did. This is always left out of the equation and is one of the primary reasons why Americans still believe in 6 Million Dead Jews despite World Jewry having a population INCREASE!

The following video from completely disproves the Reinhardt Death Camps. After you view the video, you’ll realize because Jews in 1940’s could never anticipate the invention of the internet, they did a piss-poor job at creating the myth.
Enjoy the video and the Jewish fairy tales like Jacob Weirniek escaping, getting shot by a nazi guard (The bullet did not pierce his skin LOL) and killing the guard with an axe! Or how about like 500 people and barbers in a 12 by 12 room getting haircuts then gassing them then 5 minutes later opening the gas chambers doors LOL! C’mon Jews, it’s too easy now. Try Harder.

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