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Creator David Shore’s Brothers Are Rabbis,
He Admits “We Deal With Issues Of Religion A Lot On Our Show”

David Shore (JEW) and Hugh Laurie (Dr. House)

House M.D., the Fox drama series about a sarcastic doctor and his team of assistants is currently in its eighth and final season. The show was once the highest rated on television and still draws over ten million viewers.

House was created by Jewish writer David Shore and examines several Jewish themes and ideas.

Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), the cynical main character of the series is supposedly a reflection of Shore himself. In an interview with Jewish website Aish HaTorah, Shore claims Dr. House is “me, if I had the guts to say whatever I wanted.”

Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is the most explicitly Jewish character on the show. She is the Dean of Medicine and has a sexual relationship with Dr. House. She is portrayed as an intelligent, strong, independent woman.

In 2007, Salon Magazine credited Dr. Cuddy with “bringing incredible Jewy glamour to prime time.”

Dr. Cuddy is not married but wants to have a child and become a single mother. After a few failed attempts with in-vitro fertilization, she decides to adopt a foster child instead. Dr. Cuddy struggles with parenthood though and claims she does not feel satisfied with her role as a mother.

In other words, Dr. Cuddy is the face of Jewish feminism. She is unsatisfied with being a woman and tries to be a man.

Shore’s appears to have been inspired by his brothers, Ephraim and Raphael, both Orthodox Jewish Rabbis. Ephraim runs a website that attacks news sources for anti-Semitism and Raphael produces documentaries about radical Islam…

Later in the interview with Aish HaTorah, Shore admits “we deal with issues of religion a lot on our show because people often turn to religion when they are faced with death. But I try to treat religion and religious people in a balanced way”

Wait… balanced? Dr. House routinely insults Christians and their faith.

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) works as one of the doctors on House’s team of assistants. Dr. Chase was raised Catholic and actually considered becoming a priest before becoming a doctor. He is typically selfish, untrustworthy, and superficial.

In this season, Chase actually has sex with a female patient that plans to become a nun…

Jews may claim to be fair and balanced but their shows clearly demonstrate the opposite.

House is clearly part of the larger Jewish effort to promote Jewish feminism and attack traditional Christianity.


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