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J&J Calls Out Jewish Comedian Jon Lovitz

In Our Exclusive Interview, Joey McGoebbels Tells Lovitz “You’re Certainly Unfunny,
So The Only Reason You’re Famous Is Because You’re A Filthy Jew”

Earlier this month, three teenage girls were expelled from school for drawing swastikas with maple syrup in front of a Jewish home in Northridge, California.

Jewish Comedian Jon Lovitz publically criticized the girls. He claimed “this is the worst thing you could do to terrorize a family, outside of actually harming them”.

In fact, Lovitz actually tweeted a photo of the the girls with this message:

“They want to be known. Let them be famous as Jew haters. Pls RT.”

That got us at J&J thinking… Why the hell is Jon Lovitz famous?

We looked it up, he was once on Saturday Night Live and appeared in a bunch of Adam Sandler movies (The Wedding Singer, Little Nicky, and Eight Crazy Nights).

So basically, he’s famous because he’s Jewish…

On April 27th, Joey McGoebbels called out Jon Lovitz for his hypocrisy:

That’s right, Jett & Jahn Media exposes the Jews. We call them out and confront them with facts.

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