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J&J Calls Out Jewish Lesbian Lauren Blitzer, Chely Wright

In Our Interview, Joey McGoebbels Asks “Married Couple” When They Decided To Become Lesbians

Last summer, Lauren Blitzer and Chely Wright were “married” by a Jewish rabbi in Connecticut.

Blitzer is the development director at for Faith in America, an organization established to “end bigotry against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community”.

Wright is a country musician, most known for her song “Single White Female” back in 1999.

In her book “Like Me”, Wright claims she realized she was a lesbian when she was eight years old.

What an outrageous claim, how could someone that young make such a significant decision?

Back on April 2nd, Jett & Jahn Media decided to get to the bottom of the issue. Joey McGoebbels asked Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer when they decided to become lesbians:

Blitzer and Wright both retweeted the message, hoping their LGBT supporters would see the message and respond.

Soon after, actress Kristen Chenoweth responded to our question. Chenoweth has appeared in The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, and Glee. Most recently, she is known for her role as “Carlene Cockburn” in the show “CCB” (Good Christian Bitches. Here was Chenoweth’s response (along with the reaction from Blitzer and Wright):

Joey McGoebbels realized his original question must have been unclear, so he decided to restate his inquiry:

Kristin Chenoweth responded with this: 

That’s right, Joey McGoebbels scares Kristin Chenoweth.

(I personally believe Chenoweth confused sexual excitement with fear)

Anyways, I guess Lauren Blitzer, Chely Wright, and Kristin Chenoweth all claim that homosexuality is not a choice. As Lady Gaga once claimed, they believe people are “born this way”.

However, they are wrong. Homosexuality definitely is CHOOSING to be something different. By contrast, being straight is not a choice because it is natural. From the beginning, men were created for women and women were created for men. It has been the biological instinct of all living organisms for millions of years.

To deny that truth is to deny reality.


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