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Trayvon Martin, Wank Out 2012, & Black Leader Calls For Race War If Obama Loses

On this edition, Jett Rink, Joey McGoebbels, and Maria discuss racial tension in America.

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Show Topics Include:

Trayvon Martin: What Really Happened?

George Zimmerman: “White Hispanic”?

Black Community Reacts:
Spike Lee:
Tweets Wrong Address
Al Sharpton: Calls Trayvon “Martyr”
Bobby Rush: Wears Hood In Congress
Obama: Claims Trayvon Looks Like He Could Be His Son

Real Trayvon: Started Fights, Dealt Drugs, Suspended From School

Follow Up On Our Exclusive Meltdown Interview With Stormy Daniels
May 1st: Wank Out 2012 : Porn Industry’s Response To Jett & Jahn Article?

Rick Santorum: Ends Presidential Campaign
(But Catholic Social Conservativism Movement WILL Continue)

Will Obama’s Defeat Bring Race War?

Black Leader Claims:
Tea Party: “Racist”
Mitt Romney: “Serious Racist”
White People: Will Steal Election From Obama
Blacks People: Must Choose Between “Extinction & African Global Supremacy”
(Planet of the Apes?)

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