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Are Black Musicians being killed?
This is speculation my opinion, not fact

The Jews Band

This band dominates the industry!

We all know now that Donna Summer has passed. Only a few months ago so did Whitney Houston. One could say Summer was the influence and predecessor to Whitney Houston. What’s up with all these black musicians dying lately?

Could it be these people are being killed by the music/media Jew to push the focus on new pro-homo stars like Lady GaGa and Jew rapper Drake?

How does Hollywood really work? The Jews/Wasps have always helped Blacks until the late 1960’s which ended in a bitter brake down between blacks and Jews. Blacks have been “anti-semitic” since those years.
Are the Jews extracting revenge here? Taking out the old avant-garde in way for the new homosexual avant-garde?

What’s up with music stars dying in tubs, anyway. Houston died in a tub, Jim Morrison died in a tub, didn’t Cobain blow his brains out in a tub? That’s too high of a coincidence and the tub could be taken as a calling card to others who are thinking of going against the Jews.

Was Whitney Houston Murdered: Yes (google the coroner’s report)
Was Donna Summer Murdered: Probably
Was Michael Jackson Murdered: It would make sense if the goal now is to push a new avant-garde that you would take out the most popular leader of them all. Remember how long that summer felt when Michael Jackson died?

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